It is our policy to adhere strictly to the rules of professional conduct imposed by the national and provincial institutes of chartered accountants as well as the code of ethics laid down by The Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators.

Through Zareer Pavri, BVS is guided by the following fundamental ethical principles:

INTEGRITY – BVS shall act with integrity in all professional and business relationships. BVS’ advice and work shall be uncorrupted by self-interest and not be influenced by the interests of other parties.

OBJECTIVITY – BVS shall strive for objectivity in all professional and business judgments. Objectivity is the state of mind, which has regard to all considerations relevant to the task in hand and no other.

COMPETENCE – BVS shall undertake professional work only where it has the necessary competence required to carry out that work, supplemented where necessary by appropriate assistance or consultation.

PERFORMANCE – BVS shall carry out its work with due skill, care, diligence and expedition and with proper regard for the technical and professional standards expected of BVS as a professional practice corporation.

COURTESY – BVS shall conduct itself with a view towards courtesy and consideration towards all with whom it comes into contact during the course of performing its work.


Fees for opinion-related work are based on professional time incurred, and are not contingent on the values determined or on completion of the transaction. Of primary concern is that clients receive value for money.

BVS and/or Zareer Pavri maintain no investment, lending or borrowing relationships with clients. Our opinions are independent and objective at all times.