Today's business environment is competitive, fast-paced, and increasingly complex. Taking action on important corporate matters without a reliable assessment of "how much it's worth" can be costly.

Your needs deserve special attention. We start by making sure we -- and you -- have a clear understanding of what is being valued and why. By carefully defining the scope and purpose of the valuation, we ensure that our work is tailored to fit your needs.

Our application of the latest valuation methods and techniques ensures that complex valuation issues will be handled effectively. Also, our thoroughness and creativity may identify previously overlooked factors that could have a significant impact on the valuation.

Our opinion of value is based on thorough research and analysis. Every report we issue is extensively documented so we can support our conclusions, even years later, if the value is challenged.
BVS may, under certain circumstances, undertake a valuation assignment termed as an ‘estimate of value’, which entails a lower level of due diligence, and accordingly, costs less than an opinion of value. An ‘estimate of value’ letter / report will contain an express denial of an opinion, and thereby notify the reader of the lower level of due diligence employed.